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Sweet Beginnings

Sweet Melissa began baking professionally in the Spring of 2016, after retirement from the NJ Public School System, where she taught middle school science and language arts for over 10 years. Prior to opening The Goodness Cafe, you could find Sweet Melissa Goodness; her gourmet pop tarts, cookie sandwiches, blondies, mini-layer cakes, macarons, and much more, at several coffee shops and markets on Long Beach Island.  She is passionate about baking not only because it is a perfect blend of science and art, but also because it evokes a sense of nostalgia from her youth. Sweet Melissa is proud to be a self-taught baker.  From a very early age she remembers watching her Grandmother and Mother at work in the kitchen, making the delicious recipes she uses today.  She attributes her artistic ability to both of her parents, each a talented artisan in their own way.  

based on quality

What has been a hobby and creative outlet since childhood is now a growing business.  Sweet Melissa takes great pride in offering unique sweets that are as beautiful as they are delicious.  She believes quality, freshness and taste are equally as important as appearance.  Scratch baked, on-site, using the highest quality ingredients in small-batches, is of the utmost importance.  With the opening of her very own storefront, she is most excited to offer a variety of baked goodness all in one place, including gluten-free and vegan options.  In addition to all the sweets, enjoy a delicious coffee, specialty beverage or a healthy smoothie.  Savory breakfast items to start your day as well as light lunch fare you can take to the beach, round out the café menu.  In addition to the selection at the café, Sweet Melissa is available to create a variety of custom confections as well as provide dessert catering and sweet tables for weddings and parties of all occasions.

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